We made this website – is yours responsive like this one?

Responsive web design is developing a website that works on any gadget; a TV, tablet, smartphone or computer. If your website is not responsive, or you need a new website that can be made responsive – let us know: https://the412crew.com

Because most people use their smartphones to access various websites, web developers are working on end to create websites that open on any device.

Why you need a responsive website


  • Responsive design is preferred for SEO


Google ranks responsive pages better than mobile templates. Responsive websites are ranked better by Google’s bot crawlers, and there’s the reduced chance of having on-page SEO errors. Thus, it is simpler to run a single page for all devices than having a different page for mobile.


  • Responsive adapts to future devices


The main advantage in responsive web design is that the size of page templates is made based on screen size but not device. Therefore, no matter the size of your screen, the page will still display properly.

As newer devices are being used to access the internet – TV, tables, and computers – site responsiveness turns out to be a good thing.


  • A positive experience is a must


Based on a previous Google Think Insight on mobile behavior, if a user lands on your website and isn’t doesn’t find what they were looking for, the likelihood of going to another site is increased by 61%. However, if your website is satisfactory and responsive, 67% of customers will buy products and services on your catalog.


  • Boost traffic


Customers prefer fun websites, that have good information and load faster over unresponsive sites that with lots of graphics. All sites can be optimized to load faster although having a lot of graphics will limit the speed at which your site will load, even if it is accessible. If a page takes ages to respond, this creates dissatisfied customers who storm out of your site. On the contrary, if you develop a site that loads faster, is easy to navigate and has enough information, customers will be happy to use your services, and in the end, boost your sales.

If you’d like to chat about getting a responsive website, Pittsburgh web design can help!